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In order to offer safe and comforting food, we ensure that the high degrees of specialization in all sorts of fields is reflected in our services

The training of human resources is a must in order to deliver the kind of hospitality that our customers want

To realize high degrees of specialization in a variety of fields, we put a great deal of effort into education and training of human resources―in the spirit of the company motto and philosophy―and train them to place a high value on hospitality.

A high level of awareness of hygiene is the starting point of a foodservice professional

Hygiene education and training

The "Dietician Seminar", a forum for
enhancing skills and sharing information

Running a foodservice business means being responsible for peoples' lives. The most important part of our mission to get people to enjoy their food is providing safe and reassuring meals. Green House spares no effort in doing so.
Knowledge accumulated over decades, we have set up positions for specialized personnel called ATS (Safety & Hygiene Supervisors) and WSV (Wellness Supervisors), conduct thorough checks by dieticians, and educate all personnel on hygiene, which are just some of the features of our robust management system to ensure a thoroughly safe environment.


Enhancing development of human resources in order to become the best quality hospitality company in Asia

Expert Visual Training Center

To train personnel, we use the training center that are equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual equipment . Our unique training programs allows employees to understand and master important principles by having them watch films to analyze examples of success , identify problematic issues, and share potential solutions with each other.