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We want people to become healthier through healthy diets, which is why we strive hard to maintain and improve food quality.

We wish to continue with our ongoing pursuit of foods that are more natural and friendlier to the environment

Green House ensures "naturalness". Not to mention taste, we must be keenly aware of food safety and food reliability as well as environmental impacts.

Supply of high-quality, safe food products

"ISO Quality, Safety and Hygine Management Office"

To implement a more rigorous hygiene check system for purchased foodstuffs and to confirm food safety, we have established ISO Quality, Safety and Hygene Management Office in our Food Distribution Center. We analyze the content of food products and check for bacterial contamination and residual agricultural chemicals.

Rice Quality Control Room

"Rice Quality Control Room"

We are working to achieve a stable supply of high-quality rice. We check quality of rice, collecting scientific data in each phase of the process in order to offer safer and tastier rice. Componential analysis and sensory test are also conducted. With these data, we can obtain detailed information on the rice, even a proper amount of water to use when cooking it.

More emphasis on the basics of Japanese food culture

Selected ingredients and careful cooking methods

Green House especially values rice, miso soup, and pickled vegetables- the basic elements of everyday meals in Japan. With the product standards established in 2001, our efforts to raise quality of these foods to the top in the industry have never been stopped ever since.

We are also working to realize "naturalness" at the restaurants run by our affiliates. At our authentic Chinese restaurant SHAHODEN, the main theme is "preparing the four seasons of Japan in Chinese cuisine" with carefully-selected seasonal ingredients and natural seasonings. We have achieved and implemented a cooking method using no chemical seasonings, rather difficult to materialize in the Chinese food industry, in order to bring flavorful and nutritious dishes with mild taste to our customers.