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Green House uses a variety of approaches to ensure that our customers can enjoy food and become healthier at the same time.

Green House promotes wellness

Wellness is the second‐focus Green House is aiming at. Our ongoing efforts for the pursuit of wellness include many different approaches to relish food and healthy menus developed by our sincere wish to help increase your fitness.

Tasty method for healthier living.

Information services to promote health

Green House is engaged in creating menus to promote mental and physical health. One of our essential tasks, in addition to cooking, is proposing fitness-related new ideas to customers through various means. As an opportunity to exhibit our expertise, the contract foodservices department[B&I] organizes Wellness Fair where nutritionists (mainly national registered dietitians) give updates on health and fitness via participatory seminars, panel exhibits, and dietary suggestions. The event functions as part of full-support system by professionals of dietary education.

Connection between diet and health

Passion of our nutritionists and national registered dieticians

Variety in taste is an essential element of palatability. We are exerting ourselves to create appealing menus to which people look forward saying “What will I have today?” and “What is today’s menu?.” The main players in producing these menus are our experienced nutritionists and national registered dieticians with expertise on diet and health, who support our customers’ well-being through everyday meals. Based on nutritional balance as well as food safety and sanitation, we are dedicated to increase menu choices using seasonal ingredients in Japanese, Chinese and Western styles. This concept also applies when offering arranged menus for special occasions.



Various suggestions based on health and enjoyable meals

To enhance our customers’ health, we have introduced a menu option of "Healthy rice" , which is richer in nutrition and dietary fibers than white rice, at our clients' facilities and our restaurants. The option is designed to cater to customers’ preference and mood of the day.

In view of health, our contract foodservice business manages proposal of menus and implementation of fairs. Meals are prepared upon order and served hot, stimulating customers’ appetite and creating an enjoyable atmosphere.
When preparing hospital food and meals for the elderly, we give consideration to ease of consumption and visual comfort, and deliver enjoyable meals using seasonal ingredients in a joyful atmosphere.