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Distribution of foods products and ingredients

One of the largest food distribution centers in the industry is in full operation

The backbone of Green House’s food distribution network is our own food distribution center (10,000 square meters) in Tsuzuki Ward, Yokohama City, which handles as many as 2,000 food products and ingredients. The center with the latest equipment enables faster distribution and lower costs.

From the purchase and control of safe ingredients to the operation of the culinary school

ISO Quality・Safety and Hygiene management office conducts strict analysis of food components and checks for bacterial contamination ,food additives ,and residual pesticides in the center.

We develop menus at Wellness Training Center which is located near the food distribution center and houses the first culinary school founded by the foodservice company. In addition to these, we also sell industrial kitchen equipment, tableware, utensils, furniture, uniforms, and other items to branch offices by catalogue.

distribution center

distribution center

Students learning the basics of flavors and cooking at our culinary school

For tasty, eco-friendly rice

rice milling plant

Green House’s rice milling plant

We introduced the first plant of "double-tanked rice milling machine for pre-washed rice" in the foodservice industry. At this plant, we comply with the standards of pre-washed rice which is helpful for: prevention of nutrient outflow; water quality preservation; and saving of water consumption. We also utilize Milled Rice Quality Control Room established in November, 2006 to ensure a stable supply of high-quality, tasty rice.

radioactivity detection system

We established a radioactivity detection system. The center introduced radioactive detectors for food in order to further secure safety and reliability of ingredients.

radioactivity detection system


scintillation survey meter

scintillation survey meter

Ensuring the world-class safety standards

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)

Implementing HACCP, the international standard for food hazard control, we strive to maintain and control the food safety in cooperation with the owners of the facilities where we provide foodservices. The safety system is further improved and enhanced though the hygiene inspections conducted twice a year.

ISO certifications validate our efforts

Certifications of ISO 14001/9001

Our food distribution center in Yokohama City was the first in the industry to obtain ISO 14001, Environmental Management System standard, and ISO 9001, Quality Assurance standard. We have passed the annual certification audits by maintaining the required quality.

Environment and quality integration policy Certifications of ISO 14001 Certifications of ISO 9001 ISO9001 Appendix

List of businesses

  • Sales of foodstuffs and ingredients
  • Food Distribution Center
  • Sales of rice (in-house milled rice/ in-house pre-washed rice)
  • Wellness Training Center, company-run culinary school, training center
  • Catalogue sales (midsummer gifts, year-end gifts and special dishes for the New Year holidays)
  • Sales of original products related to wellness promotion
  • Sales of kitchen equipment, utensils, furniture, etc.