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Hotel Management

Towards realizing a comprehensive hospitality business

Amid a growing trend toward outsourcing in the hospitality industry, we established a hotel management company, Green Hotel Management (currently Green Hospitality Management) in 2000. Since then, we have managed numerous lodging facilities from economy hotels to luxury hotels capable of holding large banquets and wedding receptions. This new addition of hotel management business through contracts is now an established segment of our company.


High quality management services

We are entrusted with the management of a variety of lodging facilities from public lodging to resort hotels, providing comprehensive services for these facilities (reception, reservation acceptance, maintenance, and even sales in addition to foodservices).

Based on a deep understanding of each facility’s characteristics, we customize the optimum management method to raise the added value through dialogues with the owner on the managerial direction. Our management using the extensive experience in the foodservice industry and hospitality skills is highly appreciated by both the guests and the owners.

Green Hospitality Management Website

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List of businesses

  • Hotel management through management contracts
  • Operation and management of various public facilities and lodging facilities
  • PFI business/facility operation and management based on the Manager desingation System
  • Operations consulting
  • Solutions consulting for new hotel
  • Management Hotels of Green House Group