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A diverse array of restaurants suited to all occasions

We opened the first outlet of Tonkatsu Saboten, a specialty restaurant of deep-fried pork cutlets in 1966, and established Shahoden which offers authentic Chinese cuisine in 1967. Since then, our restaurant business has expanded with a number of new outlets of different specialty foods. Now we are consistently offering quality foods in a cozy atmosphere while steadily developing new types of restaurants. As an established enterprise in the restaurant industry, we integrate the acquired knowledge and skills as well as the customers’ requests into our contract foodservice. The fusion of the two different foodservices generates a synergistic effect.

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さぼてん 店舗

Delicatessen business aiming at the home-meal replacement market

In response to the growing demands for “home-meal replacement” (HMR) such as boxed lunches and prepared meals, we are actively expanding our delicatessen business.

Of all our shops in this segment, Tonkatsu Shinjuku Saboten run by the group company Green House Foods has one of the largest shares in the HMR market in number of the outlets and sales volume.


Successful Saboten
(the second outlet) in Taiwan.

Inroads into the Overseas market

Tonkatsu Shinjuku Saboten continues to increase its restaurant outlets, even in the overseas market. With local business partners who share the same management principles, we opened the restaurant in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Phillippines and Canada. It has become so popular, worldwide that people make a long line to taste our crispy and juicy tonkatsu.

International Partnerships