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Our founding principle At Green House, we place a high value on this corporate motto and are proud to have inherited this spirit of being of use to society and doing jobs that please people.

Corporate Philosophy

"Pleasing people" is at the very foundation of Green House

Corporate Statement
Making others happy leads to our own prosperity.

―Our efforts began after the end of World War II with a simple desire to feed students well―

The late founder, Bunzo Tanuma always wanted to contribute to society in hope of repaying the lives of his young soldiers killed in the war. When Keio University requested him to prepare meals for students at the university dormitory, he gladly accepted it.

In those days, Japan was facing serious food shortage in the aftermath of the war. Bunzo Tanuma made various efforts to take care of the students: obtained food in exchange for his labor at nearby farms and offered meals for free of charge to students who couldn’t afford it. This is how Green House started.

Later, Japan entered a period of rapid economic growth, when companies began to provide lunches to their employees at in-house cafeterias. Many Keio University graduates working in the companies, who wished to help Tanuma in return for his service extended to them, asked Green House to initiate and manage the canteen. These offers were proposed one after another, boosting our company’s growth considerably.

Students’ satisfaction contributed to the development of our company. The founding principle of providing services that are appreciated by people is at the heart of Green House. Today, people enjoy a rich and varied diet and customers’ needs have diversified. To quickly respond to these needs, we continue to strive to grow as customer-oriented company with an aim to offer higher-quality food service.

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