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Consulting and International Partnerships  Providing support with superior specialized knowledge, experience, and technical expertise


An outstanding team of specialists in partnership with an overseas consulting firm

Cini-Little Japan, Inc was established in partnership with the U.S.-based Cini-Little International, Inc., one of the most prominent foodservice consulting firms in the world. We also established Horwath Asia Pacific Japan in cooperation with Horwath Asia Pacific, a leading consulting firm in the hotel and travel industries. These two firms excel at providing specialist expertise, wide experience, and effective techniques in each field.

Planning and design of foodservice facilities

We have attracted great attention in the industry for formulating the master plan of foodservice facilities such as commercial facilities and hotels as well as for planning and designing of shops and central kitchens.

Partnerships with international firms

Green House Group provides technical guidance to and establishes partnerships with overseas companies, specifically in Asian regions. We believe that creating better dining environment together with the overseas firms is also part of our mission.

Steady development in Asia

Green House gave technical guidance on the contract foodservice to OUR HOME (an affiliate of the LG group, one of the four chaebols in South Korea), which has developed into the top contract foodservice company in South Korea.. After the opening of Tonkatsu Shinjuku Saboten in South Korea based on our partnership, its chain restaurants have been steadily expanding.

In Taiwan, the first Saboten restaurant started its operation under the direct management of Green House in 2004. Under the joint venture contract concluded with a listed Taiwanese company DaChan Greatwall Group in 2006, we are working toward further enlargement of our business.

New partnerships with major European firms

In 2006, Green House entered into a three-party license agreement with Albron of Netherlands and DSR of Switzerland in 2006 and Fazer Amica of Finland in 2008. These three independent contract foodservice firms, having long experience, enjoy excellent reputation for their competent management. Mutual information exchange among the four of us who share the managerial philosophies will refine and sophisticate the management ability and differentiation strategy.

SixContinents Catering Alliance

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